2022-04-20 - iMPORTANT iNFORMATiON

We are sorry to say that fORNDATA 2o22 will be a streamed event only. Due to the very low number of registered participants it is no longer fair to call it a physical party.

Already registered participants have receieved an e-mail with further instructions.

We are of course still welcoming guests if you would like to visit Gotland for a weekend and join us in the studio (we won't be using the original venue though due to cost cuts) but it's important to us that you realize that this will be a very small group of less than 10 people attending.

More info will come...

2022-03-27 - gETTiNG cLOSER

We're getting closer to the event and it's about time to hand in your registration! Do so by clicking the rEGiSTRATiON button in the menu.

What will you experience at fORNDATA?
fORNDATA will be held physically for the first time in 2o22. We are striving to make this a truly friendly and enjoyable event. We are not going to be the biggest or most competitive scene happening around. Rather the contrary - this is a perfect place also for you without previous scene experience.

The World Heritage town of Visby is a great place for a weekend vacation. Our venue is right in the middle of the medieval town. We recommend strolling around and enjoying the athmosphere of one of the best kept medieval towns of Europe as a combination to your fORNDATA-experience.

fORNDATA is expected to be quite a small event. We love all our guests and will do everything we can to give you the best experience possible.

2021-11-08 - sWEET hOTEL dEAL

Book your fORNDATA stay at Solhem Hotel for a discount! Only 695 SEK / night for a single room or 795 SEK / night for a double room.

To book with this discount send an e-mail to and use the promo code "Forndata".

2021-10-31 - rEGiSTRATiON oPEN

We are now open for registrations to the physical event! Look to the menu for more info.

2021-10-24 - nEXT fORNDATA 3-5 jUNE 2o22

The venue is booked and set, enjoy this quick'n'dirty teaser for next year!