fORNDATA sUMMER 2o22 is a demoscene and retro computing event that celebrates all the amazing creativity that talented groups and individuals who choose the use of limited hardware keeps giving us.


fORNDATA sUMMER 2o22 is held in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Visby in Sweden. It's situated on an island available by ferry (roughly 3 hours crossing) from Nynäshamn outside of Stockholm and Oskarshamn in Småland. Flights go daily from Stockholm and Gothenburg and weekends from Malmö.

Visby is a small town (22 000 residents) and a popular tourist destination known for it's amazing medieval town center surrounded by a city wall from the 12:th century. The town is truly worth visiting and has since 1995 been on the UNESCO World Heritage list.


The event is held in the medieval restaurant of Kapitelhusgården, right in the heart of the city. A truly original venue for a scene event and probably by far the oldest buildings that has ever held a demo party. See the restaurants website for more info.

There are a few things that comes with the prize of a unique venue though and we'd like to inform you straight away about them. First of all Swedish law is extremely intolerant against bringing your own booze to a restaurant, therefore the bar will serve you at all times on a VERY reduced price. It's also not allowed by law to sleep at the venue and we have to be out by 3 AM. There will be sweet hotel deals available for our visitors available very soon.

Lunch and dinner will be available for pre-booking at a low cost. There are also plenty of restaurants just around the venue.


The event will of course be livestreamed for those unable to attend physically. Stream will be done through our channel at Twitch.