We will run compos in the categories and with the hardware mentioned below.

We'll always try to run the entry on original hardware that they were intended for, but there will always be a limitation within what we can do. If you're planning for a release on any of the following systems we're quite confident we can make it but please contact us beforehand: Commodore Plus 4, Lamda8300(Color+16KB), ZX81/Spectrum, Dragon32 or PET8032. Other systems we'll be happy to try and find hardware but please be prepared to accept emulation.


    Amiga 500 with 0.5MB Chip and 0.5MB slowfast. Kickstart 1.3 only!
    Amiga 1200/030/50 with 8MB RAM, Kickstart 3.1.4. Scanplus AGA.
    C64 with Ultimate II+ and SidFX (6581R4 and 8580R5).
      Specify CLEARLY which SID-chip you want to use!
    VIC20/VC20 with VIC-1111 memory expansion (16KB) and SD2IEC.
      Specify CLEARLY if extra memory are used or not!

Other systems - read above and contact us beforehand.

All entries needs to be executable files or part of a disk image (d64, ADF) were applicable. For 8-bit computers, please incorporate a player or viewer for your creations. It will ensure your creation is presented properly.

We kindly ask you to upload entries with information and any specifications here at our party portal. Use the menu to create your account and upload your entries.

We will always hold similar entries in separate competitions i.e. not mix Amiga and 8-bit, but it might be that 8-bit demo competition combine both C64 and VIC20 categories depending on the amount of competitors.
Basically we will always try to give all entries equal possibility to shine their own rigth!


A composition made for this occasion and not before released.
Specify when you hand over the entry type of systems it is intended to be played on. Extra imported for SID compositions but also for VIC20, note if it should be expanded or not. Do remember to incorporate a player for 8-bit systems.


An original creation made for this occasion and not before released.
Pixel-art, raytracing, PETSCII, animation orany other means of creation is accepted. Use your creativity!

For VIC20 please specify CLEARLY if use of memory expansion or not.
For all 8-bit systems incorporate a viewer.

aSCii / aNSi

All ASCII entries will be viewed in CygnusED with m0s0ul font if you do not specify otherwise.

All ANSI entries will be viewed in ConDios, 16 colour ANSI graphics colours (EGA) for skin tones etc.


A demo for any of the above mentioned systems that has not been released to the public before.
We believe there are better places to release your 68060 based AMiGA mega demo that you have been working on for ages and even though we have the hardware suited for it we want you to work with a more limited palette for this occasion.


This is a special category to provide a starting point and introduction to the scene.
Any entries in this catergory will NOT compete, but rather be a display of the future talents within the scene. There will be a jury available to give feedback, and we do encurage the audience to give the creator constructive hints on how they can improve their skills!

We accept entries in any of the above categories for the nEWbiE section. This is not a compo - but everything released here will be listed as official releases of fORNDATA unless the author informs us otherwise.

For a special addition this year we would like to challenge all you coders out there! :-)


Create the most spectacular screen effect possible with only 10 lines of code in BASIC for a number of systems. See list and specifications below. The more obscure the merrier.

The rules for this challenge is strict and follows the PUR-80 rule set:
- 10 lines of BASIC
- 80 columns maximum per line (including spaces)
- Loading of data or program parts from mass storage is not allowed
- The 10 lines must not contain any machine programs
- All code must be visible in the listing: self modifying code or hidden initializations are not allowed
- Allowed are POKEs in storage locations
- The program must be listable

Code is sent as open listing and if possible also in a file.

Contest is open for the following systems:

- C64
- C128
- Vic20
- Commodore PET
- Commodore Plus/4
- ZX81
- Spectrum
- Amiga 1200 with BlitzBasic or AMOS Professional
- Amiga 500 with MS Amiga Basic

Should you have another system you'd like to participate with, just check with us beforehand and we'll hopefully be able to find suitable hardware for it.


Any entries following the rules above are welcome and the event and compos will be streamed. We accept both local and remote entries.

Executable entries are handed over to us locally or uploaded here on our webpage before friday, june the 3 at 23:59. Register your account and upload them in our party portal. If you have obscure hardware please check beforehand that we can make it with tight deadline.

Code listings for 8-bit hardware must be available by e-mail ( to us no later than one week before the event to give us a chanceof entering and trying them beforehand.