Welcome to the party

2021-07-17 - nEXT fORNDATA 3-5 jUNE 2o22

Next one will definately be a physical one! Restrictions are loosing and we're hoping that the Dark Angel Of Disease leaves her grip over the world until june next year.

The venue is booked and set, check out Kapitelhusgårdens website for a glimpse on the fORNDATA experience coming up.

Check out this quick'n'dirty teaser for next year!
2021-06-06 - aLL cOMPO eNTRiES aVAiLABLE

All compo entries are now being spread to scene sites, so check out CSDb, Demozoo etc. for up to date info.

If you want to download all party entries in one batch, here's a complete ZIP with everything you need.


2021-06-05 - cOMPO rESULTS aVAiLABLE

Thank you for a wonderful evening! We are so happy for the tremendeous quality of compo entries and the great community within the scene.

The compo results can be downloaded here. Thank you yop/shRiMPs dESiGn for the new layout.


2021-06-05 - sTREAM liNK aND oFFiCiAL hANGOUT

The fORNDATA party will be streamed through our Twitch channel, available at https://twitch.tv/forndata

Join our official Zoom hangout during the evening and chat with other sceners! Link: Zoom Hangout

2021-06-05 - sCHEDULE uPDATED

17:00 - Livestream starts - Intro and info
17:15 - Interview with Anders Ygeman
17:30 - Demo bonanza
18:00 - Interview with Dave Haynie
18:30 - Interview with Bil Herd
19:15 - Quick break before compos
19:30 - Code Challenge
19:45 - Interview with Chris Huelsbeck
20:00 - Music Compos
21:30 - Graphics Compos
22:30 - Demo Compos
23:30 - Reveal of results
00:00 - Return of the Sex Games Midnight Compo

Times might be subject to adjustments during the evening

2021-06-03 - eRiCADE rADiO nETWORK pROViDES tHE mUSiC

Our friend Dj Daemon from The ERICADE Radio Network - The Last True Tracker Music Broadcaster has prepared his best tracker music to be played during the event. We are grateful for this collaboration and really encourage you to check out his 24/7 radio channel.

We're also closing in on the deadline for compos, roughly 26 hours left to go. Good luck and let the creativity flow!


The Swedish Commodore Club sponsors the 10 line code challenge at fORNDATA! The winner will get a special price from the SCK product range. More info on how to participate in the code challenge can be found here.

2021-06-01 - sWEDiSH mINiSTER jOiNS fORNDATA

Swedish minister of infrastructure and digitalization Anders Ygeman joins fORNDATA for an interview on his past as a board member of Swedish Spectravideo and MSX group and editor of magazine Hacker!

2021-05-30 - lESS tHAN oNE wEEK tO gO!

We're certainly closing in on the event now! The compo entries are starting to pop up, the spirits are getting higher and we're preparing stuff behind the scenes every day now.

One of the coolest things happened just a few days ago, we can't publish exactly what yet but trust us when we say that we will get a very special and unexpected guest for the event!

Remember compo deadlines - friday the 4:th of june at 23:59. Otherwise just stay tuned and prepare yourself for a nice evening of vintage computing!

2021-05-22 - tWO wEEKS lEFT

We're heading into the last two weeks before the event! Last minute preparations are on the go and we're eagerly awaiting compo entries from you guys out there.

Remember to register your account and upload all entries here at the party portal.

Deadline for compos are friday the 4:th of june at 23:59.

2021-05-15 - wE aRE oPEN fOR rEGiSTRATiON

The fORNDATA pARTY is now open for registration and uploading of entries to the compos! All compos must be registered here at the party portal to be valid for competition.

See the Compos-section for rules on participation.

You can also register your account to be used when voting. Grab your registration key by clicking here.

2021-05-14 - biL hERD jOiNS fORNDATA fOR aN iNTERViEW

Bil Herd, father of the C128 and other C= systems joins us at fORNDATA for an interview.
2021-05-01 - iNViTETRO fOR fORNDATA sUMMER

Check out our invitetro made by uNiBiTS!
The invitetro can be downloaded from CSDb.