Welcome to the party

2021-05-15 - wE aRE oPEN fOR rEGiSTRATiON

The fORNDATA pARTY is now open for registration and uploading of entries to the compos! All compos must be registered here at the party portal to be valid for competition.

See the Compos-section for rules on participation.

You can also register your account to be used when voting. Grab your registration key by clicking here.

2021-05-14 - biL hERD jOiNS fORNDATA fOR aN iNTERViEW

Bil Herd, father of the C128 and other C= systems joins us at fORNDATA for an interview.
2021-05-01 - iNViTETRO fOR fORNDATA sUMMER

Check out our invitetro made by uNiBiTS!
The invitetro can be downloaded from CSDb.